Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers want Agatha to take her prophet's deliverance option

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This is one very worried woman (Illustration)

72% of Pulse Nigeria Poll believe Agatha should go ahead with her prophet's option to retrieve her womb from a coven.

After 12 years of marriage without a child, Agatha found out that the cause of her barrenness is her stepmother who had tied her womb.

The revelation was made to Agatha by a prophet who also told her that the solution to her problem was to recover the charm which will also lead to her stepmother's death.

Should she take the option knowing she would be the cause of the evil woman's death?

Read her story here:

"My name is Agatha, a 38-year-old married woman. I have been married for the past 12 years now without a child despite every effort I have made.

Though my husband, Osita, has been very supportive and kept encouraging me never to lose faith, his people have been making life difficult for me, often insinuating that he should get married to another woman as there were no indications that I would ever give him a child.

I have carried out tests, gone for fertility drugs, even visited native doctors who gave me herbal drinks to take all to no avail.

I have been crying and calling on God to intervene in my situation but it seems the Almighty does not want to have anything to do with my situation.

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But that was until a friend invited me to their church for a deliverance programme. On the first day of the programme, there was this young prophet who was invited to minister and the moment he saw me walk in, he stopped and told the ushers to bring me to the front.

The young man went into a trance and began reeling out my life history before me. They were so vivid and accurate and I wondered if my friend had told him about me beforehand.

He told me that when I was just six-years-old, my father divorced my mother and got married to my stepmother, which was very true. He also pointed out that my stepmother never liked me and if she had her ways, she would have killed me and my older brother.

He also told me that my barrenness was not God's making but that my stepmother had tied my womb and threw the keys into a stream in our village.

He added that God has told him that the bond will be broken but the only proviso was that we would go to our village where he would retrieve the key from the stream but that once that was done, my stepmother would confess and die in the process.

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Now, the problem is that if this is true and the key is retrieved, that would mean my stepmother would die and I don't want her blood to be on my head.

My husband has told me to go ahead and do it just as my friend who said the woman's blood will not be on my head.

I am really confused at the moment. The prophet has given me a dateline to give him an answer before this week runs out. What should I do?


The teaser for the day was:

Would do you think Agatha should do to break the yoke of barrenness?

How Nigeria voted:

Agatha should take the option given to her by the prophet - 72%

Agatha should not have a hand in her stepmother's death - 11%

Agatha should go home and involve the elders to force the stepmother to break the yoke - 9%

Agatha should keep praying to God for another way of solving her problems - 8%

How would your vote swing here?

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