Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers want Malachy to see a therapist over his sexual issues

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A sex starved wife is an unhappy woman

44% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have all advised Malachy to seek sex therapy to be able to deal with his problems.

Malachy and Gabriella have been married for four years but they have been having problems when it comes to their sex lives.

While Gabriella is an adventurous woman and would want to try out so many things when it comes to sex, Malachy is the reserved type who believes sex is just for procreation.

Now, this problem is causing a serious friction in their marriage with Gabriella threatening to get a man who can satisfy her in bed.

Read his story here:

"My name is Malachy, a 39-year-old married man. I have been married to Gabriella for four years now and we are still looking on to God for the fruits of the womb.

But my problem now is that I have not been able to satisfy my wife sexually and this has always been the basis of most of our quarrels. When we were dating, we did not have the opportunity to have sex regularly as she was living in Port Harcourt while I lived in Lagos.

We rarely saw each other due to the distance and whenever she came or I travelled to see her, the sex would be nothing to write home about but we were very much in love and thought when we got married and live together, we would find a balance.

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But since we got married, instead of our sex life improving, it has gone from bad to worse due to my inability to satisfy her the way she would have wanted.

It is not as if I am weak or do not love sex but I am not the type of man that would engage in sex as long as 30 minutes. Maybe it is because of the way I was brought up. I did not get to have sex till I was in my 20s and I thought sex was just something a man and woman engage in to produce children.

But with my wife, I now know that sex goes beyond just procreation. For Gabriella, sex means much more and she would not be satisfied if I do not make love to her three times a night.

I am the kind of man who believes in the missionary sex position but my wife will always want us to try some weird sex positions that I find very tasking.

She even introduced me to pornography but that has not helped one bit as she still complains about our sex life and recently, she has been threatening that if I cannot satisfy her, she would have no option but to look for a man who will satisfy her.

I know my wife very well and know that she can carry out the threat, that is if she has not found one yet.

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I have seen doctors who have told me there is nothing wrong with me. Some friends have introduced me to some sex enhancing herbal drinks but none seem to be working.

Please help me before I lose my wife to another man due to my inability to satisfy her in bed.


The teaser for the day was:

What should Malachy do to save his marriage?

How Nigeria voted:

Malachy should try and improve his sex life - 20%

Malachy should let his wife know that sex is not the only thing in a marriage - 21%

Malachy should see a sex therapist - 44%

Malachy should read books about sex and improve - 14%

How would your swing here?

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