The Rape Subject: Outrage on Facebook as man brags about raping women on first date

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Vhyktoh Gustor.

The subject shared a screenshot detailing a conversation he had with a young lady assumed to have been raped.

A backlash on Facebook has trailed a man named Vhyktoh Gustor, who admitted that he raped four women on his first date with them.

"I've gotten about four good friends now which our first date was all in that manner. We all tally greatly," he wrote on the social media platform in response to a topic which asked some ladies in a group if they will consider dating someone who raped them on their first date.

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The question generally received some ridicule from members who thought it to be repugnant but Gustor who is reportedly from Akwa-Ibom decided to take things up a notch by sharing screenshots showing a chat with one of his victims.


The conversation displayed his failed attempt to persuade the subject to visit him in a bid to have his way with her.

Another case of open claim of rape against women

In October 2017, Enyeobi Donatus, an employee of a maritime service company, Depasa Marine International Nigeria, gained attention after sharing from experience a guide on how to rape a woman for users on Facebook.

This encouraged criticism from the S.T.E.R Initiative, a non-governmental organization committed to fighting rape in Nigeria. The NGO on its Twitter account announced its interest in apprehending the subject who vanished from his place of work following an online condemnation of his act.

The S.T.E.R Initiative via a series of tweets solicited the support of the public in its hope to have the rape suspect arrested.

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