Yomi SARS: It was a good thing that the police officer did not perform at OLIC 4

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Yomi SARS and Olamide in 2015

At the end of the day, Yomi SARS didn't perform at OLIC 4 which was a smart thing to do.

There was no love for Yomi SARS on Twitter timelines on Sunday, December 17, 2017.

Yomi SARS was trending because rapper Olamide had announced that he was going to perform at OLIC 4.

With the recent focus on the alleged illegal activities of SARS, it was a bad look to have the policeman/singer on stage. For a week, #EndSARS trended for a week. The special division of the Nigerian Police Force has been public enemy number one.


The online agitation and alleged accounts of horror and torture gave birth to street protests in several states in the nation.

Even though the online agitation has subsided people still have a negative perception of SARS. It was against this backdrop that made Yomi SARS trend on the day of Olamide's concert.

Many felt it was wrong for Olamide to include the policeman as one of the supporting acts for his concert. It looked like a tone-deaf move from the rapper who throughout his career has championed the cause of the people. Hours before the show had started, Yomi SARS was trending for all the wrong reasons.


The heat must have been so much that it influenced Yomi SARS from performing at the Teslim Balogun concert. Instead of taking the stage, he was backstage chilling.


It was a good thing that Yomi SARS did not eventually perform. It would have sent the wrong message to an audience that sees policemen as oppressors. Olamide has positioned himself as the voice of the streets and the streets right now are not feeling SARS.

While the announcement of Yomi SARS performing at OLIC 4 raised many eyebrows, his no-show at the event shows that Olamide is not as tone deaf as many people claimed he was hours before the show.


For Yomi SARS, I guess public appearances are out of the question for now. This is not the best of times for SARS operatives.

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