You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: Let's leave Wizkid vs Davido alone and focus on Soft Buhari

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Wizkid and Davido on stage

We should focus more on the politicians that failed us instead of musicians reconciling.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Today, 2017 years ago, Mary, Joseph and the wise men partying at the naming ceremony of the Messiah.

Shortly after the had to come to Africa because King Herod was beefing the saviour of the world. You know the rest of the story from here. If you don't, tune into any Nigerian local TV station and I promise they would bore, excite you with some brilliant Christmas movie as always.


If you are reading this from the fuel station, I feel your pain. Due to #SoftBuhari who doubles as our Minister of Petroleum, we are queuing for fuel during this festive period. Our VP, Osinbajo, managed to do a small photo shoot at a select fuel station in Lagos yesterday night.


From the smiling and happy photos, I don't think he went to the right fuel station. If he had gone to a fuel station in Oshodi or Bariga, he would have seen angry and sad faces. While millions of Nigerians are sleeping at fuel stations, are leaders are releasing photo shoots and documentaries. What a time to be a Nigerian. An era when a President only speaks up when his political rival speaks up first.


Not everyone was stuck at the fuel station yesterday. Some people (mostly the rich and famous) went for Wizkid's headlining concert at Eko Hotel & Suites. The talking point of the event was when Wizkid's nemesis/friend Davido got on stage to perform the track 'FIA'.


If you don't understand how big this is, just imagine Ronaldo and Messi playing for the same team for a charity game. The timeline has been on fire because of this rare joint performance from two of Nigeria's biggest acts.

This one is for all the silly people who get into arguments over which singer is hotter. I have seen members of Wizkid FC and Davido United scream at each other. At the end of the day, both your MCMs partied at the same nightclub this morning.

Instead of fighting over who is doper, you people should be fighting our leaders for the mess they have put us in. Sadly, this is not going to happen anytime soon. Why? Well, we are more bothered about Wizkid and Davido performing together than the fuel scarcity issue.

Yes, I have the numerous tweets from Nigerians complaining about the fuel scarcity but all we do is complain and complain. The real action is there on the streets but we would rather tweet about it.

Priorities people, let's get our priorities right. Leave Davido and Wizkid aloe and let's focus on what truly matters.

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