Abomination! Sexual aroused uncle rapes 3-yr-old niece after having shower

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In a blue shirt is a man who reportedly attempted to rape his niece in Malaysia.

The pedophile had just had a bath when he attempted to rape his niece. A policeman disclosed that he was aroused.

In Sibu, Samarak located in Malaysia, the police on Tuesday, January 2, 2018, arrested a 32-year-old man who attempted to rape his three-year-old niece. This reportedly caused the victim some pain in her private part.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Zailanni Amit, indicated that the alleged rape which caused the little girl to bleed from her pubic region, occurred a day before the arrest according to the New Straits Times.


The sexual abuse happened late in the evening at the victim's home.

Amit disclosed that its mother as well as her grandmother were in another room chatting while she was alone with the abuser.

An attempt to unlock the door to where the man confined himself alongside her daughter was met with some difficulty as the assaulter reportedly locked the door.

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He managed to escape as soon as the concerned mum was able to enter the room. She opened her arms to a daughter who was overwhelmed with pain following the attempted rape.

"When he finally did (open the door) minutes later, the victim immediately ran out of the room crying. The man then ran out of the house," revealed Amit.

The police representative mentioned that the man who is a labourer was attracted to the girl having just had a shower. He reportedly moved into the apartment two years prior to the incident to take care of the victim's grandmother.

There are pedophiles in Nigeria

There have been many instances of sexual relationship between grown-up men and infants as young as three years of age. Most of these acts are committed by suspects who have access to the family,  particularly people who live in the same house.

In Ibadan, Nigeria, Mr. Shuaibu Ahmed, a 70-year-old ex-soldier initiated a sexual assault on a girl of 14 who is five months pregnant, by paying her N100 after getting her disvirgined.


The victim in a report by Vanguard News revealed that her tormentor who also threatened to kill her if she divulged details of their activities acknowledged that he deflowered her.

It was further confirmed that the former military person also known as 'Papa Soldier' gave her a higher N200 denomination in a subsequent meeting.

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