Badoo: 1 person in a family of three dies in an attack reportedly carried out by cult group

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A member of the Badoo gang in a blood-stained shirt.

The continued attacks initiated by Badoo on innocent people in Ikorodu has affected the trust placed in the police.

In Lagos, Nigeria, two members of Badoo, a notorious cult group responsible for the murder of people resided in Ikorodu, reportedly attacked a family of three.

The offensive which occurred on Sunday, December 31, 2017, at Ibeshe left dead a man named Shakiru otherwise known as Shakur. His wife and a six-month-old baby were also left wounded from the charge according to The Guardians News in a report.


A distress call made by the neighbours of the deceased invited the attention of a vigilance group in the area who initiated a manhunt for the pair of criminals reported to have gained entry to the victim's house through a window.

According to a resident, Shakur died as soon as he and members of his family were rushed to the hospital.

“The man’s name is Shakiru but he is popularly called Shakur. The two Badoo members attacked his family. They were rushed to the hospital but we later heard the man died.

"His wife and child are in the hospital. We could not sleep anymore. People were shouting Badoo Badoo and that was how everyone came out to hunt for them.

“They were two men. One of them fled into the bush. The other one was not so lucky as he was caught. People descended on him and asked him to mention names of their sponsors.

"He mentioned one Baba Noah. But when angry youths went to look for the man, he had fled. They wanted to lynch the suspect but the police came to the scene and said they were called by the Baale to take away the suspect.

“The police eventually took him away though the mob injured the suspect on the leg. There is tension in the area because residents do not have confidence in the police,” the resident told Guardian.

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Chike Oti, a spokesperson for the police confirmed the attack but insisted that it was not carried out by the feared cult group which has tormented the people of Ikorodu throughout the year 2017.

“We are aware of the situation. We intervened and were able to make some arrests. It was not a Badoo killing. Already, we have raided the home of one of the persons mentioned but he has fled," he said.

No confidence in the police

The incessant attack perpetrated by the cult group Badoo has affected the level of faith entrusted in the police.

A year 2017, saw many residents of Ikorodu leave their homes to squat with their friends and relations due to a fear of being killed by the bundle of men reported to have influential sponsors.

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Rumours suggest that a ritual killing has been the main motivation for the assault on the inncocent.


An inability of the police to combat the menace and ensure the safety of civilian lives brings to question the capabilities of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) which has come under attack due to the conduct of some members of its Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) department.

There have been a nationwide campaign calling for it to be scrapped.

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