Bride Price: Broke Igbo woman laments about her tribe's expensive wedding demands

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Nkiruka Akpovili.

Nkiruka Akpovili revealed her husband entered a huge financial debt following their wedding. This has affected her ability to feed well.

A Nigerian lady, Nkiruka Akpovili, who recently tied the knot has expressed dissatisfaction concerning the huge financial demands imposed on men looking to marry an Igbo woman.

The newlywed in a note she shared on a Facebook group, Rant HQ lamented about her Isoko husband entering into a huge debt following their wedding ceremony.


This equally affected Akpovili who appealed to Igbo fathers to put an end to the excessive billing as their daughters often have to deal with the consequences.

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She submitted that one of the reasons why women from her tribe are subjected to maltreatment and suffering in their marriage is partly due to the discomfort their husbands were made to go through before marrying them as wives.

"I want to sincerely beg all Igbo fathers here to pls stop the act of billing their daughters husbands to be just because they’re non-Igbos.

"It’s not fair at all because while they’re enjoying the money, their daughters are at the receiving end.

"I’m of no doubt that some Igbo ladies make good wives and all. My traditional wedding was last month and in all honesty, I now understand why most men marry Igbo wives and subject them to suffering, I understand why most Igbo women are baby mamas instead of being the wives.

"My husband is Isoko and all his friends (Igbos included )has vowed not get involved with any Igbo lady.

"I know some of my brothers and sisters would want to insult me, I know some of my friends here would want to inbox me to interrogate me, I don’t care because we’re back in Lagos, broke and for the first time in a long while, I’m now a debtor and can’t sleep or eat well,” Akpovili wrote on Facebook.

The pressure associated with marrying an Igbo woman can lead one to crime

The enormous financial burden most Nigerian men are made to go through before marrying their Igbo love interest is no myth.

Many have found themselves entering into difficult agreement in a bid to fulfill expectations, some even venture into criminal behaviour.

A robbery suspect, Chukwuma Okoro, who was arrested in the year 2017, told the Ondo State Police that an interest to pay his wife's bride price valued at a sum N300,000 led him to a life of crime.

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The suspect who was paraded alongside other criminals at the state command in Akure, was apprehended while trying to rob a sales girl of N500,000.

Pleading for mercy and another chance, Okoro said the pressure from his wife and her family to pay her bride price was too much for him and he had to take to crime to raise the funds.

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