Deadly Jealousy: Woman kills stepson because own children were neglected by husband

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The woman reportedly abducted the deceased for the purpose of collecting a sum of N2 million from her husband.

An uncontrolled jealousy has led to the arrest of a woman named Wasilla Abdullahi, who is reportedly  responsible for the abduction of her stepson who died under captivity.

The motivation for her action was as a result of her husband's neglecting attitude towards her children.  The deceased, who was 6 years old prior to his death was held by two kidnappers, Abubakar Maikudi and Mai Shuaibu, both 23 years old.


Muhammad Alhassan, a State Security Service director in Kano State, confirmed the report according to the Premium Times News. He mentioned that the agency received a complaint from Ahmad Kofar Ruwa, the father of the deceased.

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The latter added that the abduction occurred on Sunday, December 31, 2018. He was reportedly held at an uncompleted building by his unfriendly hosts.


Despite the sad outcome, Abdullahi never intended to kill her stepson.

She had planned on using the the deceased as a means of obtaining a sum of N2 million from her husband. This agenda however failed,  it might earn her a jail term.

The hazard of polygamy

Many dangerous and fatal incidents have been recorded due to the practice of polygamy. Some of these were motivated by a feeling of deprivation between parties in the union.

In Birmingham, United Kingdom, a Zimbabwean man, Norbert Chikerema, reportedly stabbed his wife 40 times because he suspected her of cheating. According to the Daily Mail UK, he carried out the murder using axe, knives and an iron.


He received a life-in-prison verdict from Judge Michael Chambers as a result but the action is not restricted to married people.

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In Liberia, a man was arrested for allegedly butchering his longtime for calling off their relationship.

A Facebook user, Philip Jabah posted the story and very graphic photo on his wall. He narrated that the two had been in a relationship for a long time and the man had hoped to get married to the deceased.

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