Fresh FM: Radio station calls police a liar about not capturing man who killed its OAP

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OAP Olufemi Olujobi was killed while returning home from work.

The radio station confirmed that a drunk driver held responsible for the death of OAP Olujobi has been captured.

In Oyo State, Nigeria, Fresh FM, a radio station based in the city of Ibadan, has rejected a report by Punch Newspaper about the police still embarking on a capture of a drunk driver who killed OAP Oluwafemi Oluwajobi.

The victim who was returning home after a shift was knocked down by a vehicle owned by a man known as Ahmed Muritala. One person had already been slain before he reached Olujobi.


Fresh FM, a broadcasting company owned by popular gospel artiste Yinka Ayefele, released a statement on its Facebook page in the light of this. It explained that the killer driver was captured and was taken into police custody on the evening of the accident.


In response to a statement in a Punch report quoting the Oyo State Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Adekunle Ajisebutu, Muritala was driving a Honda Element on the night of the drunk driving incident.

He reportedly hit a pole which destabilized him before knocking Olujobi.

The image of the Nigerian police?

The Nigerian Police Force which seems to be associated with an awful intimidation of civilians who they have swore to protect, have been getting intense criticism recently.

Some notable protests carried out in the cities of Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Warri and Abuja, carried the reflection of a Nigerian populace tired of the excesses of the NPF.


They have however been instances when the police have won the confidence of the people.

For example the recent display of the Lagos State Police who are now in the ascendancy in the battle against the Badoo cult group prominent for terrorizing many people in Ikorodu.

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A special tactical team sponsored by the police has reportedly arrested the herbalist who prepares 'juju' for members of the gang. The raid saw the police destroy his shrine. This looks like a big win for the NPF who are often criticized for their inefficiency.

Perhaps more attention should be placed in the recruitment process of police officers.

Having them conduct in a bad way is a reason why so many Nigerians aren't in love with the police.

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