Pornhub: Surprise!! Women watched more porn than men in 2017

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According to figures released by PornHub and XHamster, women watched a lot of porn last year.

Two of the world’s biggest porn sites, Pornhub and XHamster have started the year by releasing their figures for 2017, and the slightly obvious revelation that last year, women watched more porn than men.

Online pornography makes about 4% of the internet, according to Techland. While this may not seem like an astounding number, the number of pornography sites and resources that it suggests is staggering.

It also means that porn sites are likely to get stronger hits and wilder statistics than the average news or e-commerce website.

Take PornHub. According to its figures for 2017, 28.5 billion people visited the site in 2017. The most searched query among that number of users was “Porn for Women”.

Are you not entertained?

The website claims that the use of that term grew by 359 percent among female users between 2016 and the year in focus.

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Among overall users, the phrase saw a 1,400 percent increase year over year.

Some people’s fetishes were made manifest in the report. Fidget spinners and the television show, "Rick and Morty" were next on the list of search queries.

X-Hamster’s results also bring similar news, but the porn sites go one further to project what will happen in 2018.

Boss moves.

Last year, the site saw a 2.4 percent increase in women viewers across the globe. The biggest of those gains came in South Africa, where female users grew by 23 percent.

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Meanwhile, in China, xHamster saw a 28 percent decrease in women users as well as a 17 percent drop in Australia.

XHamster notes that the percentage of women who watch porn has steadily increased over the last couple of years.

It could be down to neo-liberal view about the body, the lack of any shame around matters of sex in this age or just plain curiosity.


Either way, these women who watch porn are by no means rare; it’s just that statistics have proved what many already believed to be true.

A YouPorn survey of 24,000 women viewers found that 60 percent of respondents said they watched porn a couple times a month (if not weekly), while 18 percent said they view porn daily.

It is safe to say that number will grow in 2018, especially if more “Porn for Women” is made to support the culture.

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