Pulse List: 10 animals with scary deformities, some reportedly run errands for the devil

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Two-faced cat Frank and Louie lived up to 15 years.

Some of the animals are feared due to a reported link with the devil. This has seen them them killed in some countries.

Genetic mutations is not only applicable to human beings termed as higher animals, the lower category are also involved when it concerns strange and scary deformity.

Some listed animals are even associated with weird myths causing them to be haunted in some countries.


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Here are a list of animals who won't find it easy to hug:

  1. Winged Cat: Henry David Thoreau is the first to encounter one of the earliest sighting of this type of cat. The specie is killed in some countries because they are viewed as messengers of the devil.

  2. The Pink Dolphin: It was found in 2007, in Louisiana Lake near the gulf of Mexico. The marine animal is however an albino whose skin feature resembles a deep pink colour. It is one in a list of three dolphins seen since the year 1962.

  3. Stompy the duck: It hatched on a farm in Britain in 2007, with four legs, features that have made it quite an attraction. One of its legs was however lost to time and withering. Its blood was taken in order to study mutations in its DNA in a bid to help humans.

  4. Froggy: This unique frog was discovered in the United Kingdom. It possesses three heads and six legs. The cause of its condition are possibly parasite, genetic mutation or pollution. It is thought to be three goats in one.

  5. Octogoat: A strangely formed goat with eight legs along with organs belonging to a male and female. Vets submitted that an explanation for its extra legs might be from under-developed twins.

  6. Monkey Pig: It was born in a remote village in China. The animal has a simian jaw, small snout and eyes that appear to be conjoined. Its condition is thought to be as result of a brain development disorder though it never caused the eyes to separate. The Monkey Pig exceeded the expectations of observers when it lived beyond birth. It is now a tourist attraction.

  7. Kenny the Tiger: This is a tiger with a deformed face which prevents it from closing its mouth in addition to dealing with a mental impairment. Kenny and its brother Willy were rescued from a breeder who bred them in a bid to create a white Tiger. It passed away in 2008 as a result of cancer.

  8. The Cyclops Kitten: Named Cleyed, the Cyclops Kitten was born to a Bengal mother through C-Section because of difficulty in giving birth. It was born with one large eye, no nose and died soon after it was born. The remaining kitten in its litter were not affected with its condition.

  9. Bettie Bee: The unique form of a kitten named Bettie Bee which has two faces and can feed through either mouths will leave you amazed. Born on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, in Eastern Cape, South Africa, the deformed animal is one out of a litter of three. Bettie Bee's appearance has gained a lot of attention from cat lovers all over the world who have expressed eagerness concerning learning about it. Fans of the animal hope the kitten lives as long as the next guest on the list, the Frank and Louie cat.

  10. The Frank and Louie Cat: Well-wishers of the challenged Bettie Bee are hoping it grows to live as long as its Frank and Louie predecessor which lived for a period of 15 years. The famous two-faced animal which passed away around December 2014, holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the longest lived Janus cat according to National Geographic.

  11. Pig the Dog: It was found in Georgia, United States of America . Its condition means she is without a complete set of ribs and spine. This has ensured that its organs form a congestion in her body giving it a blown body. No clear explanation was given concerning the weird appearance of the dog, but it is currently alive and enjoys a large patronage on Facebook.

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