Racism: Germany train inspectors batter Nigerian man for allegedly not paying fare (Video)

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A 48 year old man was assaulted by train inspectors in Berlin, Germany.

A Facebook user who captured the event on video termed the assault on the Nigerian man as racism.

In Munich, Germany, a footage showed a group of train inspectors molest a Nigerian man, for allegedly not paying his fare. They reportedly received a suspension from work following the action which the recorder, Natalija Miletic, described as "racist".

The video showed a 48-year-old African man being dragged violently by white men who work for the Deutsche Bahn. They seemed quite keen about getting him off the train.


"This is absolutely not okay, this, what you are doing.

"The guy didn't do anything to you guys. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is racist what you are doing.

"Why are you doing this? He paid!", Miletic was heard saying in the video.

As the clip continued, a person believed to be working at the transportation company tried to prevent her from recording what was happening.


She was heard resisting proclaiming her rights while addressing the obstructer.

The end of the file saw her reiterate an evil that has long plagued the black race for long. They have seen a history of being forced into slavery and have suffered an abuse based on their skin colour.

"This is racism! You are doing this to him because he is black!"

Natalija Mileti has received threats following the video which has spread all over social media. She shared an account of this in an interview with DW News.

Black people have suffered

Various stories of inhumane treatment have been the chief theme when it concerns the subject involving the freedom of the black race, a long history of slavery by European colonialists is an unforgettable proof.


In the year 2017, some Nigerians were among a group of Africans rescued from Libya in the most shocking world story during the period. It introduced a vibrant advocacy against racism and the discrimination of the black people.

The Libya returnees brought home tales of sexual abuse, torture, murder and slavery. The conversation about the event saw participation from world celebrities including those in Nigeria. Despite this, a bunch of Nigerians are still leaving the country and some have found death in the process.

In Indonesia, a Nigerian male citizen, Obinna, suffered a heart attack which led to his death while attempting to escape a raid carried out by immigration officers  in the country.

He reportedly sought shelter at the residence of a friend where he passed away while lying on a rocker. The Linda Ikeji's blog stated that the officials found him dead after forcefully breaking into the apartment where he was hiding.

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A picture of the deceased showed him in a reclined position with a cloth covering his whole length. His body has been deposited at a morgue according to reports.

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